Charleston Bakery Deli Summerville Catering Wedding Cake

Charleston Bakery and Deli. A traditional Jewish delicatessen in Summerville SC.  Catering and delivery of special orders including Wedding Cakes available.

We’ve always been a huge fan of the blueberry muffin.  Over the years the only place one could get a decent muffin was Dunkin Donuts but overtime they seemd to taste a bit artificial and the amount of blueberries in each muffin seemed to get smaller and smaller in numbers.  Maybe that happens when you make a million of them each day and the bottom line comes into play.

Recently we dissected one of our blueberry muffins to see on average how many ended up in a muffin and the magic number seemed to be 16 which makes for some fabulous blueberry happiness. All the muffins baked at the Charleston Bakery & Delicatessen are scratch made every morning with not a lick of preservatives or anything artificial.  For an extra zip we add a bit of lemon zest and just a smidgen of almond extract.
“If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite
things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well”
So on your next stop get some blueberry happiness or pick up an assortment of fresh baked muffins or some of our breakfast Danish which are extraordinary in themselves.   Both make morning meetings at the office a great way to start the day.
We put the fun back into ice cream by coming up with some of the zaniest concotions.   We took some of the old fashion receipes and kicked them up about 5 notches to make ice cream desserts an extravaganza to remember. 
Jumbo ice cream floats in mugs, shakes and malts in the old fashion frozen tins and off the chart inventions such as the Charleston Barbados Rumbler and the Belgium Waffle Bonnaroo will have you oooing and aweing even before you taste them.